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Home Staging Case Study

Every home owner who puts their house up for sale have two main objectives:

  1. They want to sell their home as quickly as possible.
  2. They want to get the maximum value for their house.

When selling your home, a good first impression can mean a quick transaction and getting the sale price that you want. 

This is where a home stager can be worth their weight in gold.  

In this case study, the home owners decided to sell in a slow competitive market.  If they wanted to sell fast and get the price they wanted, they would have to stand out from the dozens of other listings in the neighbourhood.

They employed Gabrielle Grawey to stage their home before they listed their property.

What was the result?  Within hours of being posted on the MLS website, they received two offers and sold their house that day at the price they hoped for.  Below are some "Before & After" images of some of the rooms of the home.


Home Staging West Island Montreal

Home stager Gabrielle Grawey West Island Monteal

Gabrielle Grawey Home Stager West Island Montreal